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ESG Sustainability Reports

ELINOIL has a principle that it should contribute to our country's prosperity in an honest way and through meaningful social responsibility and sustainable growth actions.


elin remains faithful to its commitment to provide full and responsible information to all social partners and to present a comprehensive report of the company's overall footprint through a materiality analysis and a mapping of the ESG and GRI indexes related to its activities.

ESG Sustainability Report 2O2O-2O21

ESG Sustainability Report 2O2O-2O21

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elin's Corporate Responsibility Report

This file is the third Corporate Responsibility Report issued by ELINOIL. Its goal is to appraise the company's current state and to collect results from measurements. This file also serves as a declaration of self-commitment to a more systematic involvement in issues of social responsibility and sustainable growth.

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3rd Corporate Responsibility Report

Responsibility in Practice

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