elin energy

International Trade

We are the first Greek fuel company in exports.

With the crisis come opportunities.

At a time when the Greek economy faced major budgetary issues and the fuels market was characterized by serious distortions and simultaneously a great shrinking, ELINOIL decided to take up business abroad as well and developed sales in a series of energy solutions in order to limit the unavoidable losses from the domestic market.

More specifically, in addition to the crude oil and conventional products, such as petrol-oil-mazut-JET, ELINOIL became active in the trade of a series of specialized products, e.g. petrochemicals, solid fuels, cutterstocks and feedstocks.

Implementing its strategic plan in steady and decisive steps, it managed to evolve into one of the most important export-oriented companies in Greece and into the first fuel trading company in exports in just three years' time.

Its clear export-oriented strategy gave ELINOIL access to new international markets, so that today it is present in more than 40 countries in 4 continents.