elin energy
Marine Lubricants

Product Range

What distinguishes ELINOIL in the marine sector is its ability to provide an entire top quality and performance range of mineral, synthetic marine lubricants and greases as well as reliable service, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, and especially the speed with which it can provide innovative solutions in supplying lubricants, Any Time, On Time.


Cylinder Oil (Crosshead Engines)

elin CDO 100

elin CDO 80

elin CDO 70

elin CDO 60

elin CDO 55

elin CDO 50

elin CDO 40

elin CDO 25

System Oil (Crosshead Engines)

elin CDS 30

Trunk Piston Engine Oil

elin TPD 312

elin TPD 412

elin TPD 330

elin TPD 430

elin TPD 340

elin TPD 440

Hydraulic Oil

elin HHV 22

elin HHV 32

elin HHV 46

elin HHV 68

elin HHV 100

elin HHV 150

Gear Oil

elin GOL 68

elin GOL 100

elin GOL 150

elin GOL 220

elin GOL 320

Turbine Oil

elin TUO 68

elin TUO 100

Air Compressor Oil

elin Compressor VDL 46

elin Compressor VDL 68

elin Compressor VDL 100

Refrigeration Oil

elin FRZ 68

Lithium Multipurpose Grease

elin EPL 2

Open Gears & Wire Rope Protection Grease

elin OG-WR 50

elin OG CSX

Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil

elin DIESEL 15W40

elin DIESEL 20W50