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elin Shipping Company

elin Shipping Company was established in September 2005 to manage time-chartered tankers used by ELINOIL to transport fuel to the island network of elin petrol stations and to supply the company’s fuel facilities at Volos and Porto Lagos.

Following the latest requirements in the merchant shipping sector, Elin Shipping Company seeks to meet the high-quality targets ELINOIL sets for fuel shipments, ensuring that fuels are transported as quickly as possible, while at the same time fully complying with the laws and rules which apply to maritime transport of fuels.

elin Shipping Company:

Has a top class fleet of three ships of innovative design built after 2004.

Implements procedures based on the International Safety Management (ISSM) and ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Codes as a tool for managing its ships.

Has experienced, well-trained staff

These factors guarantee that Elin Shipping Company can offer quality transport services while at the same time achieving completely safe and environmentally-friendly fuel transport across the Greek seas.

In addition to meeting the fuel supply needs of the petrol stations and facilities of ELINOIL, elin Shipping Company, also offers fuel transportation services to third parties, providing them with the same high level of quality and safety.

elin Shipping, is a member of the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association (EENMA).

Detailed information about Elin Shipping Company

The shipping company with the corporate name Elin Shipping Company was established on 6.9.2005. The company is entered in the Registers of Shipping Companies under Law 959/79 (Entry No. 3915) and its effective term is until 31.12.2090. The company’s seat is the Municipality of Kifissia, Attica, its registered offices are at 33 Pigon St. and its business is to operate and manage ships to meet ELINOIL’s transport needs. According to Article 2 of the memorandum of incorporation, the company’s exclusive purpose is to own Greek merchant ships, to operate or manage Greek or foreign merchant ships and to acquire shares in other shipping companies which have the same purpose.

Share capital and shareholder structure

Its share capital stands at € 1,100,000.00 divided into 1,100,000 shares with a nominal value of € 1.00 and the shareholder structure is as follows:


Shareholders No. of shares % holding
ELINOIL S.A. 1.099.999 99,99%

Board of Directors

The Company is managed by the Board of Directors, comprised of:

Chairman Nikolaos Mourikas
Vice-Chairman Maria Tsahaki

Ioannis Aligizakis
Alexios Mamouzelos

The Board’s term in office expires on 05/09/2028

elin Shipping Company

Η elin Shipping Company Has a top class fleet of three ships of innovative design built after 2004. Addittionally it mplements procedures based on the International Safety Management (ISSM) and ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security)  Codes as a tool for managing its ships, while it maintains an experienced, well-trained staff.

 elin Shipping Company ships in detail:


Length (m): 91,73 Breadth (m): 15,80
Speed (knots): 13,00 Deadweight (mtn): 3842,02
Max Draft (m): 5,71 Max Capacity (m3) 4056,14


Length (m): 77,22 Breadth (m): 13,00
Speed (knots): 13,00 Deadweight (mtn): 1975,00
Max Draft (m): 4,51 Max Capacity (m3): 2194,99


Length (m): 77,22 Breadth (m): 13,00
Speed (knots): 13,00 Deadweight (mtn): 1999,00
Max Draft (m): 4,51 Max Capacity (m3): 2194