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Cookies Policy

What are Cookies

Cookies are small files containing information, which a website (more specifically the web server) stores on a user's computer or mobile device, so that whenever the user logs in to the website the website can “remember” them and retrieve the information specific to them, thus delivering relevant information.

Besides, some cookies are used for the marketing or/and promotion of ELINOIL as well as the products and services offered by it.

However, you may delete or discontinue accepting such cookies at any time. In that case, you may miss some of the provided features.

What Cookie types we use

  • Cookies which are necessary for the functioning of our website -that is why they are pre-selected- which allow you to browse it and use its services and features. These cookies do not recognise your individual identity.
  • Cookies which allow you to personalize the website according to your preferences, such as your selected language or font size.
  • Cookies which you use to implement geographical positioning, so that you may view the closest ELINOIL petrol station and the locations of our offices.
  • Statistics Cookies which collect information about your browsing behaviour on our website, such as what webpages you visit more often and whether you receive any error messages. These enable us to make the website structure, browsing experience and content as user-friendly towards you as possible.
  • Cookies which may also be used for the so-called targeted advertising based on your internet browsing behaviour and for the delivering of ads related to something the user has searched for in the past. They may be used for the sending of targeted advertisements/offers, the blocking of advertisements or the measurement of an advertising campaign effectiveness. Lastly, they may be used to help us remember the websites you have visited, so that we can determine what marketing channels are most effective.
  • Third-party cookies, which are stored by third-party service providers. As far as these are concerned, we recommend you review the data protection policies implemented by said third-party providers, which are available to you through their websites.

Cookies Control

ELINOIL follows a policy based on transparency and due information of all users as regards the function of cookies in its website, and obtains their express consent. We take into account the fact that some visitors may wish for a personalized control of their visit at our website and for a respective adjustment of their settings. You can read about personalized control in the following table, which contains thorough information about all cookies installed on your device while you visit/browse our website.

How to disable Cookies

You may reject cookies through your web browser or discontinue the acceptance of cookies from a specific website. However, if not used properly, such options may cause dysfunctions in certain services provided by various websites. All contemporary browsers allow you to modify cookie settings. 

Apart from technically necessary cookies, which are compulsory, all other categories require your consent in order to be used. Therefore, these categories are not pre-selected and you may freely select the categories you prefer.

Information on each cookie, its name, the category it classifies under, its usage purpose, storage duration and provider is available on the 2nd level of the consent dialog box, once you click on “View details”. Therein “session” means connection timeout.

You may also visit our website https://energy.elin.gr/ for details on the way in which you can delete or reject cookies and for additional general information about cookies.

The links below might help you understand these settings. You can also use the “Help” option of your browser for more details.

  • Cookie Settings in Internet Explorer,
  • Cookie Settings in Firefox,
  • Cookie Settings in Chrome,
  • Cookie Settings in Safari web,
  • Cookie Settings in Google,
  • Cookie Settings in Mozilla.

For browsers not mentioned above, kindly contact the provider of the specific program or, alternatively, look for a “Help” feature in the browser.

The company ELINOIL HELLENIC PETROLEUM COMPANY S.A., with registered address at 33 Pigon Str., Kifissia, is the Controller for the cookies of the website.

Contact Details

In regard to any matter that is related to the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, please contact the Personal Data Protection Officer of ELINOIL S.A. at the address 33 Pigon Str., 145 64 Kifissia, or at the e-mail dpo@elin.gr

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