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Solid Fuels

In 1979, during the oil crisis, ELINOIL was quick to spot Greek industry’s need for cheaper fuel, and decided to dynamically enter the solid fuel sector.

The company made major investments in infrastructure, acquired know-how and also secured partnerships with the most important producers on the international market. Very quickly, ELINOIL became one of the largest coal importers in Greece.

At the same time, after methodical preparation and having acquired the necessary know-how, it imported a new fuel, petcoke, which had begun to be used by energy-intensive industries in other countries. The company made major investments in a petcoke storage, processing and grinding plant in Aspropyrgos and sales grew significantly as the company in effect taught the Greek market how to use this new product. It then expanded its range of products which, in addition to petcoke, now includes a complete range of solid fuels such as anthracite, coal and metallurgical coke.

Today ELINOIL has two fully equipped, state-of-the-art solid fuel processing and grinding plants in Aspropyrgos and Volos. With its extensive experience and know-how in this field, in addition to providing a comprehensive range of products, the company also provides know-how, equipment and technical support in sectors such as the lime, ceramics and steel industries, among others. At the same time, thanks to its extensive expertise and know-how in the solid fuels sector, ELINOIL is well-poised to seek out and evaluate opportunities for expansion outside of Greece.

Thanks to its long-standing partnerships, ELINOIL has a flexible fleet of silo vehicles that enable it to respond rapidly and safely to difficult conditions. This allows it to offer the high level of service its customers have come to expect.

Solid fuel processing plants

Thanks to its know-how on solid fuels and its two modern solid fuel processing plants in Aspropyrgos and Volos, ELINOIL is a reliable, dependable associate of Greek industry.

Detailed Product Lists

Petcoke Petcoke +
Anthracite Anthracite +
Metallurgical coke
Metallurgical coke Metallurgical coke +
Coal Coal +
Flexicoke Flexicoke +


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