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€pistrofi Program

ELINOIL is a partner in the €pistrofi reward program by Eurobank, so that you can earn even more.

Whenever you purchase fuels, lubricants, heating oil or any other product from selected elin petrol stations and pay for your transaction using a Eurobank credit or debit card that participates in the Program, you automatically get refunds. The refunds you have earned from the transactions you make in any one of the 8,500 businesses that participate in the €pistrofi program can be redeemed at your purchases at elin petrol stations - so you pay less or not at all.

You may use the €pistrofi program at a large number of selected elin petrol stations.

For more information about the elin petrol stations that participate in the €pistrofi program, or for any other clarifications you may need regarding the €pistrofi program, call +30 210 62 41 500 and the elin people will assist you immediately.




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Program go4more

Use National Bank of Greece cards for all of your transactions at the elin petrol station network and earn rewards.