elin energy
Βιώσιμη Ανάπτυξη

to sport

elin recognizes the importance of sport as a catalyst for the promotion of positive role models for the young generation through the cultivation of the values of respect and good sportsmanship, as expressed by "fair play" and the Olympic ideal.

For many years, it has supported the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC), providing high quality fuel throughout the journey of the Olympic Torch Relay from Ancient Olympia to the Panathenaic Stadium.

At the same time, it sponsors Greek athletes during their preparation for major events, supporting them to reach the top.



Hellenic Olympic Committee

elin announced in July 2022 the renewal of its cooperation with the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC), in the framework of the "Paris 2024" sponsorship program. As an integrated energy group, elin offers high-quality fuel for the transportation needs of the HOC and the Olympic Torch Relay until the end of 2024.


Proud Sponsor of Miltos Tentoglou

In July 2022, elin announced its sponsorship cooperation with the Olympic gold medalist Miltos Tentoglou for the preparation of his participation in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The values espoused by Miltos Tentoglou, including good sportsmanship, respect and focus on target, are in line with the values of the company and its 68-year successful course in the Greek and international market.