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Solid fuel


Also know as petroleum coke, petcoke is produced through the refining of petroleum and contains a high proportion of carbon.

It is a form of solid carbon produced by means of heat decomposition and polymerisation of heavy liquid hydrocarbons derived from the refining of crude.

There are many commercial varieties of petcoke with different physical and chemical characteristics being used in different industrial applications, depending on the method of industrial production used to obtain it.

Thanks to its know-how and the cutting-edge technological equipment at its plants, ELINOIL can process the materials into various granularities and dimensions depending on the industrial use for which they are intended.

Moisture 0,2%-9%
Ash 0,1%-0,8%
Volatiles 8-14%
Sulphur 2%-6%
Fixed carbon 80%-90%
Pcs Κcal/kg 7500-8000
HGI 40-95