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Your service σας, is at the heart of our concerns!

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is at the heart of our concerns

Buy your Heating Oil from elin and earn points

elin up rewards is a pioneering program that rewards members by giving them points for the purchases of fuels and services. Now you can earn up rewards points by purchasing heating oil from elin - you can then redeem your points and win useful prizes.

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Call us so that we can inform you personally about the multitude of benefits you get when buying Heating Oil from elin.

At the heart of our concerns is that you can be certain of the quality and quantity of the delivered oil

  • We carefully track the "trip" that the heating oil takes from the refinery to your home.
  • We distribute heating oil with fully controlled tank trucks, equipped with an electronic fuel level measurement system in their tanks, which we monitor every minute through a GPS system.
  • Our drivers follow the procedure for delivering to you the ordered quantity of oil very faithfully.
  • Dedicated inspectors who carry out intensive sampling checks check both the observance of the procedure and the accuracy of the delivered order.
  • We give the general public useful instructions on how to ensure correct delivery of heating oil.

At the heart of our concerns is sophisticated fuel technology.

True to its tradition, elin pioneers once more by introducing thermo Crystal heating oil, which thanks to its unique amide combination formula guarantees:

  1. Better performance of the oil burner and therefore greater fuel savings.
  2. Cleaner oil burner, free from sediment, which increases its life cycle and reduces maintenance costs.
  3. Clean tank, free from corrosion, which dramatically reduces the need for cleaning.
Bonus :
  • It contains an antifoaming agent for quick and accurate refilling.
  • It has a pleasant odor.

At the heart of our concerns, informing you correctly about Heating Oil deliveries

If you have a metal rectangular tank, the most reliable method is Pre-measurement and Post-measurement of the oil level.

  1. Carry out the pre-measurement using your own dipstick or measure, which should touch the tank bottom vertically, as much towards the center as possible, and be rigid.
  2. Carry out the post-measurement 2-3 minutes after the end of the refilling procedure by placing the dipstick or measure at the same point in the same way.
  3. The tanker meter or any other meter only provide you with supplementary indications to the pre-measurement and post-measurement method.
  4. Make sure that the content of the tanker dispenser has also been delivered. This is done at the end by supply of air with pressure, with the meter off.
  5. Be present at all times during the refill.
  6. Select a dependable heating oil supplier, who inspects its transport staff, has privately owned tank trucks and has dedicated inspectors carry out frequent sampling checks.
  7. Make sure that your supplier's tank trucks have a GPS system and an electronic fuel level measurement system at their tanks, since these allow for a review in case of doubts.

We take heat oil seriously

  • It heats the entire house in a quick and uniform and lasting manner.
  • It is the most tested and the safest heating method.
  • It is easy to use and doesn't require any new investments.
  • It doesn't produce the city-suffocating smog, which is extremely harmful and can cause serious respiratory issues.
  • You can be sure of the top quality and right quantity of the heating oil you are getting thanks to the inspection procedures in place. *
Of course, elin is one of the first companies that established strict inspection procedures, which it implements rigorously.

5 rules

for energy-saving

  1. Service your oil burner properly once a year.
  2. Do not cover radiators with covers, clothes etc.
  3. Bleed your radiators regularly.
  4. Seal openings on doors and windows to minimize heat loss.
  5. Shorten the duration of house ventilating.


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