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Corporate Announcements

Resignation & Substitution of a BOD Member

13 OCTOBER 2021

ELINOIL SA informs the investor public that Mr. Ioannis Psychogyios filed his resignation from the office of Independent Non-executive Member of the Company's Board of Directors as well as from the office of Chair of the Remunerations and Nominations Committee for personal reasons.
In order to fill the office, the Board of Directors decided to elect Mr. Dimitrios Platis
as an Independent Non-executive Member in its meeting held on 12-10-2021.

The new member shall perform his duties for the remainder of the term of the current Board of Directors.

This election decision shall be announced by the company's Board of Directors in the first General Meeting of the company's shareholders to be convened next, in order to be approved.

Mr. Dimitrios Platis' curriculum vitae has been posted on the company's website, www.elin.gr.    

05 September 2023

Announcement of the election of new members of the board of directors for the replacement of those who have resigned and the constitution of the board of directors into a body

30 August 2022

Elin is dynamically evolving its role in the new energy market

30 August 2022

ELINOIL transfers its shares of ELIN VERD

14 April 2022

DESFA and ELINOIL intend to cooperate in the field of hydrogen

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