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Memorandum of understanding signed between DEI (PPC) and ELINOIL

03 JUNE 2021

Aiming at the extension of activities in the provision of services in electric mobility, PPC S.A. and ELINOIL S.A. have decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

According to the MoU, the two parties are going to explore which points of the ELINOIL network of petrol stations all over Greece could be used for the parking and charging of electric vehicles; they commit themselves to join forces to promote electric mobility services; and declare their mutual intention to take up additional synergies that may arise from their cooperation.

In this framework, PPC shall undertake to install electric vehicle charging stations at petrol stations of the ELINOIL network, gradually and in individual stages.

Alexandros Paterakis, Deputy CEO of PPC, said about the MoU: "PPC aspires to play a leading role in the sector of electric mobility over the next years, by building the largest electric vehicle charging network in the country. The installation and positioning of public charging stations by PPC is moving along very fast, which proves and confirms in an even more emphatic way that we truly implement our plans to install 1,000 charging stations all over Greece in the next 2-3 years and 10,000 charging stations in the mid-term. Together with ELINOIL we will plan and take actions to promote and expand e-mobility in our country and especially on the islands, where the ELINOIL refueling stations hold a significant presence. After all, it is PPC's duty to drive the developments and make sure to provide the conditions for a sustainable future, for the next generations' sake."

Ioannis Aligizakis, CEO of ELINOIL, said about the MoU:

"The energy landscape in our country is changing rapidly.

ELINOIL is steadfastly working on the planning which will allow it to adapt in time to the demands of the energy market of 2030.

Today we implement the schedule for supporting e-mobility through our network. Together with the Greece's greatest electricity provider, PPC, which already develops a very wide planning through significant cooperations in order to establish the greatest electric vehicle charging network in our country, we are collaborating on an especially ambitious plan that involves the installation of charging stations in ELINOIL's Panhellenic network, with an aim to serve consumers' contemporary needs.

The objective of Greece's Energy Planning is a sustainable transportations model. E-mobility is key to achieving this objective. We remain faithful allies in this effort by undertaking commitments and realising investments that will pave the way for the transition to a new era for transportations."


About PPC

PPC is the top company producing and supplying electricity in Greece, active in production, distribution and sale of electrical energy to consumers.

It has a production potential of 11 GW in Greece, with thermal and hydroelectric stations as well as Renewable Energy Source facilities. It also owns the electricity distribution network with a Regulated Asset Base of around € 3 bn., the operator of which is its subsidiary HEDNO S.A. PPC is the greatest electricity supplier in Greece, serving about 6 mn. clients nationwide.

PPC is redefining itself in order to respond to the challenges of energy transition by realising its strategic priorities. In this context, (a) it is starting decarbonisation, accelerating the withdrawal of lignite plants and promoting investments in RES, (b) it focuses on digital transformation and functional efficiency by implementing new technologies in all Group's activities and (c) it pursues growth opportunities, by placing the customer at the center of its trading activity and at the same time assuming a leading role in the development of e-mobility in Greece.

PPC was established in 1950 and has been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001.



ELINOIL was established in 1954 and is one of the most dynamic energy groups in Greece.

It supplies a nationwide network of 620 petrol stations and holds a leading position in the supplying of the industry with liquid and solid fuels, and lubricants. At the same time, it has established a broad sales network in Greece and abroad, to serve the needs of sea-going shipping in lubricants.

It sets itself apart for its exceptional performance in the provision of qualitative and differentiated solutions.

During the financial crisis, ELINOIL took up intense export activity by establishing a sales network for petroleum-based products spanning 4 continents, and is now among the greatest exporters in Greece.

Implementing its strategic planning on the development of sea tourism, it has not only opened a multitude of petrol stations on Greek islands, but also made considerable investments in marinas of Greece in order to refuel yachts.

At present, wishing to enter the niche energy markets, it concludes a series of investments in the electricity and natural gas sector, in order to meet the new energy needs of the contemporary consumer in time.

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