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Elin is dynamically evolving its role in the new energy market

30 AUGUST 2022
  • transforming its network of petrol stations into integrated energy stations
  • creating an electric vehicle charging network at 100 locations nationwide
  • making investments in photovoltaic parks
  • making plans to enter the hydrogen market

elin is transforming the company’s energy profile, with significant investments that will allow it to play a dynamic role in the new energy market.

This is the next phase in implementing its plan -which is a key strategic objective of the elin Group- that started back in 2019 when elin entered the electricity and natural gas market with the "electricon" and "aerion" brands.

The next step is to transform the network of petrol stations into integrated energy stations. By investing in Compressed and Liquefied Natural Gas in the first phase, elin will create three new facilities in Athens, Thessaloniki and Ioannina, with the aim of timely claiming a share of the LNG-CNG market which is emerging in Greece.

In addition, through its strategic partnership with PPC, elin is making investments at more than 100 locations in its network to install electric vehicle chargers.

elin's energy transformation includes plans to enter the hydrogen market through cooperation with DESFA, as well as investments for the creation of photovoltaic parks.

At the same time, elin is adjusting the energy mix of its activities by transferring its stake in elin VERD to MOTOR OIL. The green transition is leading to new low carbon footprint fuels, which,  compared to first generation biofuels, require significant investments in a different type of production process.

This decision will allow the company to leverage significant funds for the high-cost investments required for its energy transformation, and to remain focused on its dynamic consolidation in the "new landscape" created by the energy transformation, the green transition and the energy crisis.

The transaction is subject to approval by the competent supervisory authorities.

05 September 2023

Announcement of the election of new members of the board of directors for the replacement of those who have resigned and the constitution of the board of directors into a body

30 August 2022

Elin is dynamically evolving its role in the new energy market

30 August 2022

ELINOIL transfers its shares of ELIN VERD

14 April 2022

DESFA and ELINOIL intend to cooperate in the field of hydrogen

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