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New Generation Crystal Fuels

Diesel Crystal Next

The new, advanced “medicine” for your car.

The unique composition of Crystal Next diesel offers you significant fuel savings of up to 10%*. Before making that claim we carried out tests on different types of vehicles**. The result is that you can now travel more free kilometres and reduce your expenses right from the first time you fill the tank.

*Report 220/20 (26.3.2020) of the Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Results may differ depending on the type of vehicle and its state of repair, driving conditions, the selected route, etc.

**Ford Ranger, Mercedes GLA, Mercedes VITO, Renault Master, Mercedes Atego.

Protecting the vehicle and the environment

Protecting the vehicle and the environment

Biocides which are frequently used to combat bacterial contamination:

  • Do not dissolve the colony, so if sludge is detached, the filters will still end up being blocked.
  • Act like antibiotics, making bacteria more resistant, so after a while their impact is reduced.
  • Are powerful toxic poisons, dangerous to man and the environment.

The only one without biocides




Crystal Next Diesel acts to combat the problems caused by bacterial contamination, but does so without biocides, while at the same time improving combustion and emitting less ethyl, meaning you take even more care of the environment.

The only one without biocides

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